You may use these files, but you may not change them (without asking first)!

A 4 player-meleč. One can either start land-, air- oder waterattacks.

Firebomb-PackContains 3 little firebombs; special-firebomb, t-firebomb und detonation-firebomb.

Temple'Left' to pray. You can make miracles happen this way, but your Clonk will use energy.

ClonksA collection of useful and not so useful Clonk.

Oh du HöllischeA winter-meleč.

Fun ObjectsSome objects, most of wich are just for fun.

The Story of Plok2 Plok-Levels, Plok-Pack is required (it can be found at CCAN).
> Plok-Pack

Config.-Flint V.3.0
A flint that can be set to one of 10 modes, some of wich cost money. Optimized for GWE4 and free of bugs!
> 2. Download-Link

FlingerCollect it and press 'double-dig' to fling your Clonk upward or to dive towards the surface of water faster. Version GWE 3

Hazard LandscapeMultiple groupd of Hazard-Clonks fight each other in a monotone moon landscape.

Clonk is a registred trademark of Matthes Bender, Redwolf Design