Chapter 1
Spell Location
Energy Barrage Magical Wisdom
This is the first spell you should find. It is there to introduce spells to you and its location is very obvious. But it makes up for that in usefulness, because it isn't useful. It's like a minigun in slow motion and only really useful if you don't have fireballs. Sure, it gets faster later on, but you also have better spells then.
Dragon's Flame Mushy Hollow
If you are having trouble finding it, go get glasses, it's not even hidden! Just collect it. Nothing special here. Dragon's Flame may seem weak, but is actually kinda cool as it can hit an enemy multiple times and uses up only a microscopic amount of mana.
Ice Blast Just a Puddle
This spell floats on the water. One would think you could just walk through the puddle and get it. WRONG! The puddle is actually 20,000 miles deep! Didn't you see the octopi in it? Anyway, for the spell, smash the Mushies or have a goldfish of choice get it. Ice Blast freezes enemies if you stand next to them.
Seekerbolt Grassy Knoll
Another obvious spell. Just blast the egg sac in the bottom-right corner and get it. The Bolts are Missiles from Dr. Lunatic and Spooky Castle (no, the other Spooky Castle) with changed graphics. And they're just as precise; in other words, they seem to miss all the time unless you're targetting a slow monster in a wide open field. And even then, they might just fly after an Eensy Weensy instead. They're kinda strong, but should consider changing their priorities.

The Armageddon Sword

Part Location
Part 1 The Grasslands
In the upper left corner, there's a hidden passage leading to the first part of the Armageddon Sword. It's powerful. It's shiny. It's a whole 0.5 sword handles of ARMAGEDDON. Your enemies will fear you, because only one powerful wizard can carry around a broken sword handle of this caliber without feeling stupid. YES, that's YOU! Be proud of yourself, you found armageddon.