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Sokobanish is a puzzle game based on the classic "Sokoban".
The players takes control of Ardos Balmung and has to banish Demons in several in puzzling chambers by pushing soulstones into predefined goals, the runecircles. However, only one soulstone can be pushed at a time and they can only be pushed, not pulled. As soon as all soulstones are placed in a runecircle, the level is completed.
The player can choose from different levelpacks and take on the levels in any order. Furthermore, a free Level Creator is provided, which can be used to create new levels and levelpacks.

Besides the classic Sokoban elements, Sokobanish contains special traps and enemies for the player to overcome:

Restless Souls
Probably the past inhabitants of Greifenhausen keep, these specters move around at random, momentarily ending the life of everyone they touch. Restless Souls are not affected by soulstones.

Gates and Openening Mechanisms
These gates were installed to protect the Demonchambers from robbers. There are two kinds of gates, wooden ones and golden ones, which can be opened through the corresponding mechanisms.

Arcane Orbs
A sole arcane orb is not dangerous, but when two or more orbs are able to connect through streams of arcane energy, everyone who gets between them will die. Gates and soulstones can break the streams.

Breakable Floor
In some rooms Ardon will find breakable floortiles. After crossing them once, they crumble and leave behind an impassable hole.

In certain levels of a levelpack, an Overdemon (Botis, Belial, Azazel or Moloch) is imprisoned. He will always be trapped inside the soulstone that is the last to be pushed onto a rune circle and will be banished as the level is completed.