Misc. Music
All files listed here were created by me (Felix Alexander).

Please mention me as the author in case of usage.

The MIDIs are sorted by date. Newly added MIDIs are shown red .
MIDI-Name Name Date of creation
wormsevil.mid The Evil Worms 02/15/2005
vaderintro.mid Darth Vader Intro 07/26/2004
aliendance.mid Alien Dance 06/11/2003
gruntyintro.mid Gruntilda Intro 05/15/2004
DarkNightSong.mid Dark Night Song (Update) 03/16/2003
hoffnung.mid "Hoffnung" ("hope") 03/09/2003
Junglesong.mid Junglesong 12/31/2002
bongis.mid Bongis Titlesong 07/02/2002
jungle.mid Into the jungle 03/13/2002
Mole02.mid Flutes 05/27/2000