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The Game

Sokobanish 1.0
Version 1.0 of the actual (freeware) game.
Sokobanish patch 1.1
Patch 1.1 for Sokobanish.
Standard Level 33 fix
Bugfix for Standard Level 33; place the .sok file in the "Standard" subfolder!
Standard Level 44 fix
Bugfix for Standard Level 44; place the .sok file in the "Standard" subfolder!

Sokobanish Level Creator 1.0
The latest version of the free Level Creator to create new levels and levelpacks.


Official as well as custom (player made) levelpacks are added here.
If you have created a levelpack which you would like to see here, please send it to:

(Click the levelpack name to download)

Name Creator Added on
Auto-Generated Yoshio Murase 01/21/2007
100 Boxes François Marques 01/27/2007
Numbers François Marques 01/28/2007
Fly Tim LeFevre 01/28/2007
Chimera 1 Marko Dzekic 01/28/2007
Chimera 2 Marko Dzekic 02/02/2007
Chimera 3 Marko Dzekic 04/02/2007
Cubes & Tubes Doreen & Rainer Kaufmann 04/05/2007
Aerie Marko Dzekic 04/07/2007
X Sokoban Unknown 04/18/2007
Box World Thinking Rabbit(?) 05/14/2007