Last updated: 08/05/2007
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ho could have known it would be Demons...

When the earthquake started, I could have never imagined the cause and the consequences. Although it seemed strange to me that it was seemable limited to Greifenhausen keep. Something told me the earthquake had something to do with the history of the keep... Hence I set out to inform myself about that.
Some told me that a warlock had supposedly lived in the keep. Others said it was a vampire. Even others claimed the owner of the keep was the devil himself. Although I normally don't care much vor rumours like those, those informations were still troubling. I decided to set out to Greifenhausen to investigate myself.
As I arrived, I momentarily noticed that something wasn't right. The smell that was present seemed unworldy. It also got unusually warm as I approached the center of the old ruins. On my way to the library, I noticed a hole in one of the walls, just big enough for someone lke me to fit through; curious as I was, I progressed on through it.
I eventually got into a big room; it was dark in there, but I noticed that the walls were covered in runic letters. As I started to translate what they said, I realized what this was all about:

,,These chambers house those which invaded my keep. Not my mortal enemies are improsened here, but those overnatural unholy beings they call 'Demons'. Here they lie, bound to the soulstones, banished through my runecircles, I pray that they rest, and never return.''

Then it hit me. What if the earthquake...? I hastily checked the demonchambers and my fear was not without reason:
The soulstones weren't inside the runecircles anymore! I knew that it would only be a matter of time until the Demons freed themselves, which could mean the end of my home, my country, possibly the whole world!
As I took a closer look at the runic letters, I noticed that the names of four Demons were mentioned: Botis, Belial, Azazel and Moloch. I quickly realized that those Demons had to be the leaders of the horde. Could have managed to cause the earthquake?
No matter what, I decided to bring the soulstones back into postition and banish the Demons once again;
I, the last hope of my world,